Fuck the RIAA!

Posted: June 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

A federal jury has found a Minnesota woman guilty of illegally downloading 24 songs from the internet.  Her fine?  A mere $1.9 million.  Let me repeat that…$1.9 MILLION!  Are you kidding?  For 24 songs?  Who in the hell were these morons that were on the jury?  What a bunch of fucking idiots!  The breakdown, in case you’re wondering, is $80,000 per song. This is the second trial for this woman after the judge ordered a retrial in 2007 because of an error in the wording of jury instructions. And boy did she get royally screwed this time. Her fine from the first trial was $220,000. Talk about inflation!

I don’t care whether you’re for or against illegally downloading songs (and, by the way, I’m against it). There’s just no excuse for the absolutely ridiculous fine this woman was given. It costs 99 cents to download a song. So for 24 songs we’re talking $23.76. Add a bit more to that as punishment for illegally downloading those songs, maybe $100 per song, for a grand total of $2423.76. Hell, let’s just say the fine is $1000 per song (way too high in my opinion). That total would be $26,423.76. That’s a far cry from $1.9 million. I think those idiots on the jury need to somehow find a way to dig their heads out of their asses.


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