Flight 1459 Passenger Wants More Money

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

This just really pisses me off. Back in January US Airways Flight 1459 made an emergency landing in the Hudson River. Some birds had flown into the engines disabling the engines. The pilot did a fantastic job of landing in the Hudson River and averting disaster. He was lauded as a hero by many. So now comes this wench who’s after the airline to give her money – more than the airline has already dished out. Now, this accident wasn’t the pilot’s fault and it wasn’t the airline’s fault. Yet the airline is still doing what they think is right and compensating people for what happened. Personally I think these people should just count their lucky stars and be thankful that they’re still alive. But I digress.

After the emergency landing US Airways went to great lengths to retrieve the passengers’ belongings and return them to their rightful owners (dried out I might add). Then they gave each passenger $5000. They’re also providing three counseling sessions. What the fuck more do you want? If you’re this idiot, you want a lot more. She wants the airline to pay for the rest of the counseling sessions that she and her 4 year old daughter need (and I use the term need very loosely). She says, “I expect my family to be taken care of in the very best way possible, and I don’t feel like that’s happening when you’re balking at my claims to a therapist and you are setting limits on that.” Who in the fuck does she think she is? Seriously! I don’t know if US Airways gave $5000 to the children on the plane or just the adults, but either way this woman’s family came away with $10,000-$15,000. Maybe she should use that for her therapy. Or how about her own insurance. Apparently she has a $3000 deductible – that’s nobody’s fault but her own (or her husband’s – whichever one chose that ridiculous deductible). Maybe they’ll rethink their stupidity now. Or maybe not. But no matter what way you look at it the airline is paying for her therapy. She has a $3000 deductible which her $5000 payment from the airline covers. So what’s the problem?

This is yet another case of some moron expecting everybody else (in this case the airline) to provide for them. I don’t doubt that she suffered a terrible ordeal with the crash landing in the Hudson. But first, it wasn’t the airline’s fault, and second, she should be thanking that pilot for saving her life. If he hadn’t had the peace of mind to do what he did then she probably wouldn’t be here today.


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