Taxachusetts Screwing Us Again

Posted: June 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Last month the losers in the Massachusetts Senate voted to increase the state sales tax from 5% to 6.25% following the lead of the House. Enough idiots voted for this bullshit making it veto-proof. They somehow think that raising the sales tax will generate $633 million for the next fiscal year. What the delusional morons fail to take into account is the probability that there will be far fewer sales in this state once this crap goes into effect. Those people close to the New Hampshire and Connecticut borders will more than likely do the majority of their shopping in those states (especially New Hampshire which has no sales tax). Right now a lot of people cross the border to make purchases in NH, but I think more people will follow suit now. And as of today, CT has a higher sales tax than MA so right now people from CT actually come up here to shop. That won’t be the case when the sales tax here is raised. And let’s not forget the internet. Most places on the internet don’t charge sales tax. So to recap, people living in MA will do as much shopping in NH, CT and online as possible. And people living in the border states will no longer be coming to MA to make their purchases. Way to hurt the businesses in this crappy state, idiots.

The Senators also voted to increase some existing taxes and establish new ones. First, they want to start taxing beer and alcohol. Second, they want communities to have the choice to raise the local tax on motel rooms from 4% to 6% (that’s on top of the 5.7% state tax which is different from the motel tax). Third, they want cities and towns to have the option of charging a 2% municipal tax on meals at restaurants (on top of the state tax of 5%). Last, and this one is my favorite, the morons want to allow cities and towns to be able to charge property tax on utility poles and overhead wires that are on public streets and public property that are owned by the telecommunications companies. Good move geniuses! Guess who’s really gonna end up paying for that. Yeah, that’s right, those of us already being fucked over with higher taxes. The telecommunications companies are just going to pass those taxes onto their customers.

With the cost of living so high in MA already, not to mention the really high cost of doing business in this state, you’d think that in these woeful economic times our elected leaders would try to lure more businesses into the state and try to stop so many people from moving out of state. They should be trying to stimulate the economy, not smother it. When we’re in the worst recession we’ve been in in 30 years you don’t raises taxes on everything you can possibly think of. That’s just ludicrous! What’s next, taxing us on every breath we take? I can’t wait until Election Day when I can vote against the idiots that voted for this bullshit.


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