Mother of the Year – Take Two

Posted: June 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Honestly, the stupidity of some people is just so overwhelming. Like this mother. How in the hell does she not notice that her own son is turning into a fat blob? She was arrested and charged with unlawful neglect of her 14-year old son after he managed to reach the staggering weight of 555 pounds. Once again, he weighs 555 pounds! And he’s only 14-years old! What the fuck?!?

The mother’s excuse for her son’s morbid obesity is that she worked a lot of second or third shifts and wasn’t home a lot. Sorry, not an excuse. There’s no reason in hell why she couldn’t have prepared a meal before she went to work for her son to heat up later. She also says that she was monitoring her son’s diet but there were times when she had to buy fast food. Ok, two things here. First, she was monitoring her son’s diet? Seriously? Is she blind? Wow! Second, she didn’t have to buy fast food. Nobody has to buy fast food. It’s a conscious decision one makes to buy fast food. Enough with the excuses. Take some responsibility for christ’s sake.

Of course, the son is not without blame either. He was the one putting this shit into his mouth. There comes a point when you’re getting so damn fat that you have to say, “enough is enough.”

Now the son is in the custody of the Department of Social Services. Of course, the mother thinks he should still be with her. She admits her son needs treatment but says she doesn’t have the money for it. Whatever. A good treatment for obesity is exercise and diet. Walking is free…doesn’t cost a thing. And healthy food actually costs less than that fast food shit she’s been feeding him. Maybe while her son’s in the custody of the state she should be forced to take parenting classes because she obviously needs the help.


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