Air Canada Must Pay Greedy Doctor

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Whatever happened to the days when people helped one another without expecting anything in return? It seems like everywhere you turn now greed and entitlement are the norm. I miss the old days.

Air Canada has been ordered to pay a doctor $1,000 for helping a fellow passenger. In 2006, Dr. Henry Coopersmith was on a flight from Montreal to Paris when a woman began suffering from an anxiety attack. Dr. Coopersmith offered to help the woman but was told that another doctor was taking care of her so he returned to his seat. A flight attendant later woke him up and told him she didn’t trust the other doctor and asked him to look after the woman. He went and calmed the woman down and returned to his seat again. Soon thereafter the flight attendant woke him again and had him fill out some forms.

When he returned to Montreal he contacted Air Canada asking for two free transatlantic tickets in executive class. He felt that he deserved that because of what he had done. The airline offered him 10,000 frequent flyer points. Not satisfied with that, he took the airline to small claims court where he sued them for $3,058. That figure represents what he thinks is the cost of an executive-class fare, a day of vacation lost (not quite sure where the hell that came from since he was on the flight regardless), and the value of medical services. I think the moron is delusional. At any rate, the court ruled that Air Canada must pay the greedy idiot $1,000. Dr. Moron claims that he intends to donate that money to a hospital. Big deal. You already look like a jackass buddy. Giving the money away now won’t change that.

Have we really become such a fucked up society that we can’t even help each other without expecting something in return? Seriously. It’s beyond pathetic.


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