No More Sears Tower

Posted: July 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Sears Tower is no more. As of today (Thursday) it has been renamed. Seriously. The Sears Tower has been renamed. As fucked up as that is, it’s true. From here on out the Sears Tower is to be called the Willis Tower, named after Willis Group Holdings, a London, England-based insurance broker.

How in the hell do you rename the Sears Tower? Maybe we can rename the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Alamo, the Eiffel Tower, the CN Tower, or maybe even Mount Rushmore. Pretty asinine, eh? There seems to be quite the opposition to this stupid name change with groups forming and petitions being signed. It doesn’t appear that the opposition will do much good though as there was a formal name changing ceremony with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley that was held today. The building’s website has the crappy new name listed already too.

I don’t think this name change is going to go over too well. I think most people will still refer to the building as the Sears Tower. As one Facebook member said, “I asked a cabdriver to take me to the Willis tower. He said, ‘Where the hell is that?’ That pretty much sums it up. No one will start calling it the Willis Tower.”

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