Terminal Madness

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Uncategorized

Apparently there’s a lot of confusion in Minneapolis regarding two airport terminals. The two terminals, Humphrey and Lindbergh, are three miles apart and on separate highway exits. There is no road connecting the two. And apparently about 25,000 people each year go to the wrong terminal.

To rectify the situation, the commission that runs the airport wants to waste $2.2 million on new signs to point people in the right direction. Seriously, $2.2 million for a couple of signs?!? WTF? Some locals are a bit miffed about the cost associated with the change (and rightly so). They would like the commission to just add the airlines names to the existing signs. So the sign for Humphrey would have the names of all the airlines that fly in and out of that terminal, and the sign for Lindbergh would have its airlines listed. Ok, let’s think about that. Do you have any idea how big those signs would have to be? Either that or the writing would be awfully small. Apparently it can’t be done anyway because of state and federal guidelines that specify how much info can be crammed onto a sign.

Here’s where it gets even better. Since they can’t cram the names of the airlines onto the two signs, the commission has suggested creating new signs. The signs will be for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 and it will list all of the airlines for those terminals. The airlines associated with Lindbergh will be split over two signs. So there will be two signs for one terminal and one sign for the other. And since there’s a lot of info that has to be crammed on to those signs, they’ll be larger than your average exit sign. The cost will also be higher.

Apparently this is supposed to benefit people. I have a novel idea that will save the good people of Minnesota a shitload of money. How about you leave the damn signs alone. There’s nothing wrong with them. People flying into or out of the airport, or people dropping off or picking up passengers, can very easily go online to the airline’s website and check to see which terminal they need to be at. I checked out the page, and in less than two minutes I was able to see which airlines fly into and out of each terminal. Use your brain people!  It’s not rocket science.


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