Cops Gone Wild

Posted: July 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

First up is Trooper Daniel Martin of Oklahoma. He decided to pull an ambulance over for a traffic violation (seriously…WTF?!?) Not giving a rat’s ass that there was a patient in the ambulance, he then proceeded to swear at one of the paramedics and ended up getting into a scuffle with him. What a classy guy. I guess he fits the definition of public servant now, doesn’t he? Fucking idiot! For his retarded actions, he was suspended a whopping five days without pay. He’ll also have to take an anger management class. Wow. What a punishment. Kevin Ward, Oklahoma Public Safety Department Commissioner, said that the “disregard for the welfare of the patient [justified] severe discipline.” I completely agree. So where the hell is this severe discipline that he mentions cause I sure as hell don’t see it.

Next up is Todd Waldron of Kasota, Minnesota, a Le Sueur County Sheriff’s investigator. He decided it would be a great idea to shoot and kill an unarmed 24-year old. Tyler Heilman and a few friends were heading home after a day of swimming. Apparently Waldron saw Heilman driving erratically and followed him to the apartment complex that the group was headed to. Once there, Waldron asked Heilman for his license without identifying himself as a deputy (Waldron was not in uniform and was driving an unmarked SUV). An argument broke out, and the two ended up wrestling on the ground. Heilman ended up on top on Waldron, and when he was getting up he apparently noticed Waldron’s badge on his belt. Heilman was putting his hands in the air as Waldron shot him twice in the chest (a third bullet grazed his right side). Nothing like shooting an unarmed person for no good reason. And there was no reason to suspect that Heilman was armed as he was only wearing swimming trunks. At that point it sure as hell wasn’t self defense either. Heilman was getting up off of him. Waldron is now on standard paid administration leave pending the investigation.

Last is Sergeant James Crowley of Cambride, Massachusetts. He has started quite the controversy with his pathetic behavior. This has been all over the news, and even President Obama has commented on this case. To sum it up, Harvard professor Henry Gates had returned home from a trip to China and found that his front door wouldn’t open. His driver tried to help him get the door open, but it wouldn’t budge. Gates then went to the back door, entered his house, and turned off the alarm. He tried opening the front door from inside but it still wouldn’t open. He went back outside and he and his driver managed to push the door in. Gates then called Harvard’s real estate office to report his broken door, and while he was on the phone with them Crowely showed up and asked him to step outside. Gates refused to step outside, telling Crowley that he lived there. Gates showed Crowley identification proving that he lived there. Then Gates asked if this was happening because he’s black. He asked Crowley for his name and badge number numerous times as Crowley was leaving the house, and when Gates followed him outside and accused him of racism he was arrested. The lame charge was disorderly conduct. Ok, first of all, the man was in his own house. As soon as he showed Crowley his ID proving that he lived there, Crowley should have left. No ifs, ands, or buts. And second, he was arrested for disorderly conduct in his own house! That’s fucked up! I hate when the race card is played, but I think the only reason this bullshit happened is because Gates is black. If it had been a white man who couldn’t open his door and had to break it in this never would have happened. He would have been able to show the police his ID and that would have been the end of it. God forbid a black man in Cambridge is unable open his front door. He must be a criminal! Forget the fact that he has ID to prove that he lives there. STUPID. FUCKING. IDIOTS. Thankfully someone with a brain intervened and the charges against Gates have been dropped.


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