Cry Me a River

Posted: July 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

Allen Stanford, the idiot accused of a $7 billion fraud (another Ponzi scheme), is complaining that the jail cell where he is being held has no air conditioning.  Obviously he should be moved to a jail that does have air conditioning.  Whatever, asshole!  You’re in jail.  You will not find all of the comforts of home while in jail.  You will, however, receive free room and board and three meals a day.

Seriously, what the hell is he thinking?  Just because someone is a rich asshole doesn’t mean they’re gonna get special treatment when they break the law.  Granted, they usually do receive special treatment. In this case, it’s apparently not gonna happen. Get over it! So there’s no air conditioning. Big fucking deal! There are a shitload of people who have no air conditioning and they seem to be doing just fine. I’m sure they’d all love to have air conditioning, but they don’t. If you didn’t break the law you wouldn’t be in jail and you would be home in your own air conditioned house. Get over yourself.


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