What the…?

Posted: August 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

Trina Thompson, 27, graduated from Monroe College in the Bronx in April of this year with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. She hasn’t been able to find a job since graduating so she’s doing what any normal human being would do – she’s suing the college. Yes, you heard that right. She’s suing for $70,000, the amount she paid for tuition. Umm, hello…earth to Trina. Knock, knock. Anybody home? Seriously, that’s just pathetic! Can you imagine if every college graduate who couldn’t find a job sued the college they graduated from? It would be a living nightmare! I think somebody needs a strong dose of reality.

Jim Nicholson, 30, worked at a Key Bank branch in Seattle. He was employed there for more than two years – until he thwarted a robbery attempt. Yes, he was fired for stopping a robbery attempt, chasing the idiot who tried robbing the bank, and holding him until police came. Talk about gratitude! The bank does have a policy that says employees must give in to the robber’s demands and avoid confrontation, which in all actuality is a pretty good policy to have. However, it’s still ridiculous that Nicholson was fired. He did a good thing. If the bank feels they must punish him a verbal warning would have sufficed. Ingrates!

Fifteen years ago Virgil Frank McCranie, then 19, had sex with his 14-year old girlfriend, who would go on to become his wife. He, of course, was arrested and since then has had to register as a sex offender. As you can imagine, registering as a sex offender has wreaked havoc on his and his family’s life. He has been unable to keep a job, and his four children have had a very rough going of it as well thanks to his picture and info being posted on the state’s sex offender website. But now, 15 years later, Florida Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida cabinet have pardoned him. From now on he won’t have to register as sex offender anymore. It’s nice to see sanity and logic prevail, even though it took 15 years to happen. Hopefully this man and his family will be able to move past this.

Two years ago a woman in Germany had work done on her car, and she had requested that the mechanic drive the car back to her house and park it in her garage. Her car keys and the paperwork for the car were in her mailbox when she went to look for them, but the car was not in her garage. She reported the car stolen. Last week her neighbor went to clean out his garage, which he never used, so he could rent it out. Imagine his surprise when he saw a car sitting there with “a centimeter-deep coating of dust” on it. The mechanic had put the car in the wrong garage. Oops!

Almost 150 workers at a call center in Texas were recently sickened. Thirty-four people were taken to the hospital, and another 110 people were treated at the scene. Fire officials thought at first that carbon monoxide was the cause of the dizziness and shortness of breath, but it turns out that the culprit was somebody’s perfume. What the hell was in that perfume?


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