Bathing Suit? I Don’t Think So

Posted: August 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

A Muslim woman in France is crying religious discrimination because she was not allowed to go swimming while fully clothed. France has strict regulations when it comes to swimming in public pools. Swimmers are not allowed to wear baggy clothing or street clothes, such as bermuda shorts. They must wear tight, figure-fitting suits. Women must wear swimsuits and men must wear swimming briefs. Everyone must wear a cap to cover their hair, and everyone also has to shower before entering the pool.

After reading about the regulations there is no doubt whatsoever that this idiot’s claim is completely baseless. While she claims to have been wearing a swimsuit, the head to toe clothes she was wearing clearly does not meet France’s specification for a swimsuit. It’s no different than a man showing up at the pool with baggy swimming trunks and being turned away. The woman went so far as to try to file a complaint with the local police, but she was turned away because her complaint of discrimination was groundless. You think?

Here’s a novel idea. Get your own damn pool where you can swim fully clothed till your heart’s content. Until then, if you can’t follow the rules then stay home. And stop your pathetic whining. Nobody likes a whiner.


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