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Where Did My Spoon Go?

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

For the past two years John Manley has been coughing, vomiting, and in pain.  The source of his ill health was just recently found when a doctor did an endoscopy.  You’ll never guess the cause of his problems.  The doctor found a piece of a plastic spoon from Wendy’s in his lung.  Yep, that’s right.  The man swallowed a piece of a plastic spoon and it somehow ended up in his lung.  A piece big enough where the doctor could plainly read “Wendy’s” on one side of the handle and “hamburgers” on the other side.

Now it’s pretty clear to anybody with a brain that the only way the piece of spoon could get in his lung is by trying to swallow it. However, Manley says, “I know I didn’t chow down on a spoon! It must have been in the food or drink.” Ok, now let’s think this one through. If you’re drinking something with a piece of a spoon in it you’re going to notice it when it hits your mouth. Or at the very least when you swallow. And if you’re eating something with a piece of a spoon in it you’re going to notice that as well. Remember, the piece of spoon was decent sized. So for this guy to claim he has no recollection of this is just astounding. And not very believable either. Unless he was drunk or high. I’m just waiting for the lawsuit to be filed against Wendy’s now.  Moron.