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It is now legal for people to bring their guns into bars and restaurants in Arizona unless a sign has been posted specifically stating otherwise. Those carrying guns are not allowed to drink alcohol, though. Right. They’re going to go to a bar and order what, a soda? I don’t think so. Those bringing a gun into an establishment that has a sign posted banning weapons will be slapped with a big old misdemeanor which carries the harsh penalty of up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500. However, a person is exempt from punishment if: 1) the sign banning weapons had fallen down, 2) the person bringing the gun into the establishment isn’t an Arizona resident, and 3) the sign banning weapons was posted for the first time less than a month earlier.

What a fucking crock! There are so many things wrong with those exemptions it’s pathetic. First, you can just rip the damn sign down, bring your gun into the bar, and then when arrested say the sign wasn’t up. Bingo, you’re free! I mean, really, how are they going to prove that the sign was up when you entered the bar? Unless they have a picture or video of each person entering the establishment there’s no way to prove that sign was up when you entered.

And non-Arizona residents not having to abide by this law…seriously? So if I travel to Arizona maybe I can break all of the other laws too. I can drive over the speed limit, maybe help myself to some free snacks from the convenience store, perhaps steal someone’s car because it’s better than mine. Of course, I would expect to get off scott free since I don’t live in Arizona. Hey, if I don’t have to abide by one law why should I have to abide by any?

And lastly, and this one might be my favorite exemption, you can get away with bringing your gun into the bar if the bar had posted their sign banning weapons less than a month ago. Seriously?!? What’s the point of that? So let’s say a bar owner was letting idiots with guns into his bar. One day there’s a problem with a drunken idiot waving a gun around (because as previously stated, you’re not going into a bar to drink soda or water) and the owner decides he doesn’t want any more problems so he posts a sign banning weapons from his bar. Well, a week later some jackass brings a gun into his bar and is allowed to get off with no punishment whatsoever because the sign has only been up for a week. What a bunch of B.S.!!! It shouldn’t matter when the sign was posted, as long as it was posted before the bar or restaurant opened for business for the day.

Seriously, the level of stupidity is just astounding!