Do Your Job, Idiot!

Posted: July 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Edwin A. Graning, a bus driver in Texas, was fired for refusing to transport a bus patron to Planned Parenthood.  He’s now suing his former employer, the Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS), claiming his religious beliefs were the cause of his termination. Whatever, idiot! I suppose the fact that he failed to actually do his job had nothing to do with his termination, eh? Stupid shit!

Graning’s ridiculous story is that “in good conscience, he could not take someone to have an abortion.” Ok, first of all, are we to assume this woman got on the bus and decided to make an announcement that she was heading to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion? Let me think about that….ummm, yeah, not likely. Since Planned Parenthood offers a range of other services, in addition to abortions, it’s quite plausible that the woman was possibly heading there for something other than an abortion. Regardless of what her purpose for going there was, he had a duty to take her there. That was his job.

His pathetic lawyer, Edward White III, said, “It’s only because he voiced his religions beliefs that he was canned. Employers have a legal responsibility to at least attempt to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs. … CARTS clearly violated Mr. Graning’s religious freedom.” Yeah, whatever, moron. I call bullshit! It should be known that this moron works for a group founded by the right wing Christian nut job, Pat Robertson.

In response to this bullshit, David Marsh, the general manager of CARTS, said, “While others may wish to make more of it, to CARTS this is just about our expectation that employees perform the duties they are hired for.” Imagine that! Employees doing what they were hired to do. What a concept!


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