Another Tax Evading Politician

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

Massachusetts Senator John Kerry has apparently decided that he’s too good to pay taxes to the state he resides in. I know, a politician thinking they’re above paying taxes – quite a shocker. Kerry has decided to dock his new $7 million yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes in Massachusetts. Since there are no taxes for him to pay in Rhode Island he saves a nice chunk of change. If he were to act like a decent human being and dock his yacht in the state in which both his main residence and summer home are located in he would owe the state of Massachusetts $437,500 in sales tax and $70,000 annually in excise taxes (which the state could desperately use since it’s facing a $1 billion deficit this year). His spokesman claims that he’s really not trying to evade taxes (ummm….yeah, we believe you). The real (bullshit) reason he’s docking his yacht in Rhode Island is “for long-term maintenance, upkeep and charter purposes.” Wow, that’s not even close to believable. If you’re gonna blatantly lie about evading taxes the least you can do is to come up with a slightly plausible excuse.

Since Kerry is a Democrat, you can bet your ass that the Republicans are all over this. I like this quote from Jennifer Nassour, Chairwoman of the Massachusetts Republican Party: “While we can fault the senator for his hypocrisy on taxes or having his boat built halfway around the world instead of here in the USA, John Kerry proves an important point that taxes in Massachusetts are too high. If they are too high for someone as rich as Senator Kerry, they are absolutely too high for working-class taxpayers who are being squeezed at every turn.” I realize she wasn’t actually being serious as the sarcasm is quite apparent in what she says, but Amen, sister! This state isn’t know as Taxachusetts for nothing.

  1. Kaye says:

    Jeesh. The fact that this guy can even afford a 7 million dollar boat makes me want to puke. The fact that he won’t pay taxes on it makes me livid. Why can’t people just be decent, honest people and do what’s right? Why is it that those of us who try to do what’s right are always getting screwed? Maybe this is an issue that these politicians can review when they are in session instead of all the crap they usually discuss.

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