Heartless Bitch Roasts Dog in Car

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

A cold, heartless bitch left her dog in the car as the temperatures topped 104 degrees while she did her shopping in a Costco in Frederick, Maryland. Now, anybody with one iota of common sense knows not to do this. As a result of her blatant idiocy, the poor yellow lab was cooked to death. It’s estimated that the temperatures in the car reached about 130 degrees. When the callous mofo got to her car and found the poor pup dead she turned around and went back into the store to return the pet supplies she had just bought.

The only adequate punishment for this douchebag is to put her in a car on a 100 degree day and leave her there until she cooks to death. She sure as hell doesn’t deserve to breathe and use up our oxygen. However, a friend of mine has come up with an alternative punishment that I think is actually quite creative and would suffice. He thinks she should be stripped naked and forced to crawl on her hands and knees while wearing a sign on her back that says she killed her dog. She should be made to do this for a year. And while she’s crawling around she should be forced to pick up litter on the ground with her teeth. I rather like that idea. Thanks, John! Unfortunately, we live in a society where people rarely get punished for torturing and killing animals. If she even gets a slap on the wrist I’ll be surprised.


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