Responsibility Goes Out the Widow Again

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Joyce May Ross, an admitted gambling addict from Delta, B.C., is suing the provincial lottery corporation because she has a gambling problem and has lost $330,000. Way to take responsibility for your own actions, idiot! She was a member of the self-exclusion program that’s administered by the B.C. Lottery Corporation. The program uses surveillance systems to prevent gambling addicts from entering casinos, and if caught, the gamblers face a fine of up to $5000. By all accounts, the program is pretty much worthless.

Here’s a novel concept: instead of suing some agency because you gambled away your life savings, why don’t you take responsibility for your actions and get some help for your gambling addiction. And stop blaming others for your problem. Yes, you signed up for this self-exclusion program, but come on, it’s not up to any person or agency to babysit you and make sure you don’t do something you supposedly don’t want to do. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF! You’re no better than the idiots who blame McDonald’s for their obesity or the idiots who sue the tobacco companies when they get lung cancer.


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