Who’s the Victim?

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Uncategorized

Earlier this month four teens in Bethlehem, NY were playing a late-night prank on the family of Daniel Van Plew. The irresponsible imbeciles were ringing the doorbell in the front and the pounding on the back door and running away. Apparently this prank is known as “ding dong ditch.” Van Plew caught one the idiots still on his property, tackled him, and held him in his house until police arrived. As a result of this prank, Van Plew is being charged with harassment and endangering a child. The idiot prankster is getting off scott free. He was originally charged with trespassing, but that charge apparently can’t be applied to juveniles in family court. Say what? What the hell kind of bullshit is that? First of all, the idiot teen should sure as hell should be charged with trespassing along with harassment. And to charge the homeowner for protecting his property? That’s absolutely ludicrous! Basically what this is saying to the people in Bethlehem is that the kids can prank whoever the hell they want whenever the hell they want, and the homeowners are just going to have to deal with it. What a place to live!

In a separate case, we have a Florida inmate suing his victims for $500,000. Michael Dupree is serving a 12-year sentence for cocaine possession and robbery. Dupree allegedly stole a bicycle that was locked inside a van. The owner saw him riding the bike down the street and caught him with the help of two other men. The three of them are now being sued. Dupree said they handcuffed him, pointed a gun at him, and placed a knee in his back. He claims that when the men took him down it “resulted in permanent disabilities and psychological disorders which the Plaintiff continues to suffer.” Cry me a river! None of that is even remotely believable. And to expect to get $500,000 for this? Are you fucking kidding me? Obviously the cocaine has fried his brain. Here’s some food for thought: don’t steal someone’s property and you won’t put yourself in the position to have this happen to you. It’s real simple.


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