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As you can tell from my last post I detest frivolous lawsuits (as do any sane people). It’s bad enough when idiots waste everybody’s time filing them, but at that point it’s the judge’s responsibility to throw the cases out (which all too often does not happen). I have seen plenty of frivolous lawsuits, but I think this one might take the cake.

Craig Smallwood, a 51-year-old moron from Hawaii, is suing NCSoft Corp., the developer of the video game “Lineage II.” He apparently has no life, and therefore he needs to blame it on someone else (and try to make easy money in the process). He’s claiming, among other things, that the game caused “extreme and serious emotional distress and depression.” Yeah, whatever. If you suck at a game so much that it starts to bother you then perhaps it’s time to stop playing, idiot! He also claims that he’s been “unable to function independently in usually daily activities such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends.” Um, does anybody believe this bullshit? Seriously, what the fuck? He’s obviously able to function enough to file a lawsuit. Loser.

Now, the judge, U.S. District Judge Alan Kay, should have looked at this case and laughed it right out of his courtroom. Should have, being the operative words. In his infinite wisdom, he has dismissed four of the counts and let the other four proceed. The four counts that were dismissed were: unfair and deceptive trade practices, intentional infliction of emotional distress, misrepresentation/deceit, and punitive damages. The counts that have been allowed to proceed are: negligence, gross negligence, defamation, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Seriously, those counts are the biggest fucking joke! Obviously this guy has a mental problem. However, that’s his problem and the not the problem of the developer of the game. Why in the hell should they have to pay for his mental instability. When the hell will people take responsibility for themselves? Or I should say, when the hell will people be forced to take responsibility for themselves? Because that’s probably the only way it’s gonna happen.  Unfortunately we live in a “me first” society.  That’s a society I want no part of.

Seriously, enough is enough!  I’ve had it up to here with all of these idiots looking to make a quick buck at someone else’s  expense.  And from what I can gather, I’m not alone. It’s absolutely disgusting how people think they have the right to sue everybody and their brother for whatever inane reason they can come up with. Spill coffee on yourself: sue the restaurant. Trip over your own kid in the store and hurt yourself: sue the store. Break into someone’s garage and end up locked in for a week while they’re on their vacation: sue the homeowners. And yes, these were all actual lawsuits. When is enough enough? When will our completely inept government finally step in and say no to all of these morons who file these ridiculous lawsuits?

The latest frivolous lawsuit to come to my attention is a doozy (although I have to admit it’s not as good as the idiot who sued a fast food chain because a pickle fell out of his burger and landed on his chin, supposedly burning him – I kid you not!). Todd and Suzanne Connell, from New Hampshire, are suing Sea World because they were there at the Florida park with their 10-year-old son when the killer whale killed the trainer, Dawn Brancheau, back in February. They’re seeking unspecified damages. According to their complaint, their son “saw the look of horror and desperation on Dawn’s face as she was swimming for her life. He then saw Tilikum violently yank her down again to the depths of the pool.” Um, as tragic as that is, whose fault is it that their son saw that? What in the hell were they doing as this attack was occurring? As soon as the attack began they should have covered their son’s eyes and gotten him out of there. Under no circumstances should they have allowed him to witness that. He’s 10-years-old for christ’s sake! What in the fuck is wrong with them? Believe me, Sea World is no angel in my book. I don’t agree with holding animals captive and making them perform for the benefit of humans. And to expect a killer whale to perform tricks for an audience is just asinine. But seriously, as a parent, once you see something like this attack happening you get your children the hell out of there. That’s what a responsible parent would do. You don’t let your child witness something as horrific as this and then sue to make a quick buck. Perhaps the parents should be sued for negligence. That’s a hell of a lot more logical than them suing Sea World. I really hope their case gets laughed right out of court. But this is America, home to the frivolous lawsuits, so I really don’t see that happening. God help us all.

Thief Plays Deaf Card

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Alejandro Rea apparently decided that he just didn’t feel like paying for the merchandise he had picked up. So he did what any good thief would do – he just up and walked out of the store with it. What he wasn’t expecting was to get caught by store security. As he was making his way out the door the store alarm sounded and the security guard called to him. He failed to stop. After he made his way out of the store with the stolen goods he was tackled by a store security guard and then placed in a choke-hold. He was arrested and charged with felony second-degree robbery (the misdemeanor shoplifting charge got bumped up to the felony second-degree robbery charge because of the thief’s violent resistance to the security guard and because he had been convicted twice before for misdemeanor petty theft). So that should be the end to the story. Thief is in jail awaiting his court date.

But no, the deaf just can’t let this go. They’re all over the security guard and the store because this thief was tackled. In fact, in true American fashion, they’re threatening to sue the store for this incident. Seriously? He should get special treatment because he’s deaf? I don’t fucking think so! And according to the CNN article, “an advocacy group for the deaf wants the clothing store chain to train workers to be more sensitive to hearing-impaired customers.” Suck it, assholes! The moron stole merchandise. And you want store workers to be sensitive to that? Get a life! Here’s a novel idea (and it applies to both the deaf and the hearing populations) – don’t fucking steal! Period! End of story! If you want to be an asshole and steal then you can suffer the consequences.

Way To Go, Dad!

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A dad in Texas has decided to teach his 16-year-old daughter a lesson. And what a creative man he is! His daughter broke her curfew, and as a result her father posted an ad in their local newspaper advertising her free babysitting services. The advertisement says, “Want a FREE BABYSITTER for a night out?” It explains that the daughter missed her curfew, and therefore she’s going to give 30 free hours of babysitting. That is seriously one of the best “punishments” I’ve heard of. Not only does the daughter learn her lesson, but it helps other people (i.e. free babysitting) in the process. Rock on!

Bees Hold Deputy Hostage

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Now here’s something you don’t see every day. On Tuesday, Deputy Brandon Jenkins of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office was responding to a call about a person being attacked by bees. Now, why someone would call the police because they’re being attacked by bees is beyond me. But I digress. When Jenkins arrived at the scene he found a broken down truck that was hauling a trailer loaded with 60 boxes of bees. And somehow the bees had escaped. When the truck and trailer were towed away the bees did not follow the truck (as Jenkins was told they would do). Instead they swarmed Jenkins’ cruiser. He tried driving a bit to see if the bees would blow off the car, but that didn’t work. So for the next three hours Jenkins was trapped inside his cruiser as two beekeepers worked to collect the 50,000 honeybees. That’s right – 50,000 honeybees. Amazingly enough the two beekeepers were only stung three or four times total between the two of them.

There’s a short video that accompanies the story that I linked to so you can check out this poor deputy’s plight.

Apparently there’s a growing trend among schools to have students (and their parents) pay for supplies for the schools. When I was in school, we had to pay for our own school supplies – pens, pencils, paper, binders, ruler, backpack, etc. Now, many students are having to pay for not only those supplies that they’ll need for the school year, but they’re also expected to supply the school with supplies also. WTF?!?! Why in the hell should students have to show up to school with toilet paper, paper towels, Swiffer refills, paper plates, Ziploc bags, cutlery, Chlorox wipes, hand sanitizers, cotton balls, Kleenex, baby wipes, garbage bags, liquid soap, and Dixie cups, among other things. That’s insane! Students are also expected to purchase for the school regular school supplies such as pens, pencils, erasers, Elmer’s glue, construction paper, manila paper, crayons, markers, scissors, folders, highlighters, copy paper, and more. Seriously, what the hell? It’s expensive enough as it is to purchase back to school supplies. Now these students, or parents, have to shell out even more of their hard earned cash to supply a school with those things that the school should be providing to the students. Something is seriously bass-ackwards here. And the fact that this isn’t a remote thing – it’s happening all over apparently – is quite appalling. What’s next, students will be handed a monthly bill for rent? Maybe an electric bill each month? I’m so glad I don’t have children in these schools. It would be a cold day in hell before I’d purchase supplies for the school, especially the amount of things these schools expect students to supply.

In case you’re interested in what some school lists look like, here are some links:

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No Chicken Nuggets For You!

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A raving lunatic was livid because McDonald’s was not serving chicken nuggets when she was in the drive-through line trying to order them. At that time of day McDonald’s was serving breakfast. Well, the moron did what any rational person would do…she through a tantrum. That’s right, folks. The idiot got out of her car and proceeded to make a complete ass of herself, during which time she hit the McDonald’s employee a couple of times and eventually ended up smashing the drive-through window. Perhaps we could all chip in and get her the lobotomy she so desperately needs. Make sure you click on the link so you can enjoy the video!

Overreact Much?

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Earlier this week, a flight from New York to Los Angeles was diverted to New Mexico because a passenger was smoking onboard. The man was detained when the plane landed in Albuquerque. The passengers were forced off the plane, and dogs were brought onboard apparently to make sure there were no bombs. There was no bomb threat, and no bomb was found on the plane. Once the TSA was done putting on their show, the passengers re-boarded the plane and continued on their way to Los Angeles.

Ok, seriously, they diverted the plane because a passenger was smoking? Are you fucking kidding me?!?! Take the cigarette away from the idiot, take the rest of the pack, take away the matches or lighter, etc. Tie his damn hands behind him if you feel the need to. But to divert the flight and totally fuck things up for the other 168 passengers is pathetic. I can understand diverting the flight if he said he had a bomb. Or if he started dousing the plane with gasoline. Or if he had a gun. But I sure as can’t understand diverting a flight because someone is smoking. Worse case scenario – if the idiot refuses to put the cigarette out then spray the fucker with the fire extinguisher. That’ll do the trick. The TSA is so damn inadequate as it is. This just demonstrates their absolute stupidity. I feel so much safer flying now that the TSA has taken over….NOT!

Say What?!?

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Travis Lloyd Kevie is quite the entrepreneur. The 29-year-old California man, who happens to be homeless, opened a bar. He started with just one six-pack, and replenished the stock as needed with money from the sales. During the weekend the bar was open, he served about 30 people each day. A local newspaper even did a story about the bar reopening. The only problem: it wasn’t his bar. He had broken into the bar, which was no longer operating, and opened it for business with a six-pack of beer he had bought at a nearby store. When the police realized what was going on they arrested him and charged him with burglary and selling liquor without a license. I’ve got to say, he’s one hell of an entrepreneur!

In Sarnia, Ontario, a 26-year-old man held a rather successful garage sale. Too bad it wasn’t his garage or his stuff. The man broke into the garage and held a garage sale that lasted for several hours as neighbors looked on. He apparently was selling the items for dirt cheap (and why wouldn’t he – it’s not like he had paid for any of it). According to police he sold approximately $40,000 worth of merchandise. No word on how he was finally stopped and arrested. The police are now trying to recover all of the items that were sold. They’re reminding the public that any items bought at this garage sale are considered stolen, and therefore, anyone in possession of these items are considered to be in possession of stolen goods. Let this be a lesson to everyone: get to know your neighbors (or at least what they look like).

Last week at an arts fair in Portland, Oregon, 7-year-old Julie Murphy was selling lemonade to fair goers from her lemonade stand. That is, until a crankypants county inspector shut her stand down. He demanded to see her restaurant license (seriously?!?) and threatened her with a fine up to $500 if she didn’t shut her stand down. What a nice guy! He must have had one hell of a horrible childhood to be pulling this shit with this kid. Luckily, at least one person in an authoritative position has some sort of intelligence in Portland. The chairman of Multnomah County, Jeff Cogen, has said that the inspector was “just following the rule book” but that he should have given the girl a pass and let her continue to sell her lemonade. He said, “A lemonade stand is a classic, iconic American kid thing to do. I don’t want to be in the business of shutting that down.” You think? Here’s hoping no more kids get paid a visit by the cold-hearted inspector.

Dog Eats Man’s Toe

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A terrier named Kiko may have saved his owner’s life.  Jerry Douthett had a horrible infection in his big right toe.  Apparently the toe stank to high hell and looked pretty disgusting.  His wife, who’s a nurse, suspected he had diabetes and urged him to see a doctor.  He kept putting it off and putting it off.  He supposedly finally had decided that he would see a doctor, and so to commemorate the decision he went out and got plastered.  According to him he had about 6 beers and a big 32-ounce margarita.  He then went home and passed out.  And that, my friends, is where the story takes a twist.  While passed out, Kiko decided to rid the infection from his owner – by chewing part of the toe off! Douthett awoke to see quite a bit of blood on the bed and Kiko laying next to him.  It took him a bit to figure out where the blood came from, but when he saw part of his toe missing he screamed for his wife who rushed him to the hospital.  It was at the hospital that tests confirmed two things: first, that Douthett was suffering from Type 2 diabetes, and second, that the bone in his toe was infected and the rest of the toe needed to be amputated.  He spent four days in the hospital and is now home recovering.  Thanks to Kiko, he may be around for a while longer.