You Go, Girl!

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

A 13-year-old may have saved the life of her brother, her mother, herself, and others. Her mother, Jamie S. Hicks, was driving erratically on I-84 in New York near the Connecticut border when the daughter became fearful. The teen called 911 and reported that her mother was “weaving in and out of traffic.” She also told the dispatcher that her mother was speaking incoherently. The car was stopped on the side of the road by the time the police got to them. The mother failed the sobriety test and was charged with a DUI. Her blood alcohol content was 0.18 – more than twice the legal limit. New York State Police Capt. Robert Nuzzo had nothing but praise for the teen. He said, “She was a terrified young girl who made a conscientious decision to get her mother arrested, but it averted a tragedy.”

What courage it took for this girl, this 13-year-old girl, to call 911 and report her mother for drunk driving. Seriously, how many people would be willing to do the same? Let alone a young kid. Hopefully her mother will be able to recognize the good deed that she did and one day thank her for it. This kid may have saved her life. You go, girl!


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