Say What?!?

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Travis Lloyd Kevie is quite the entrepreneur. The 29-year-old California man, who happens to be homeless, opened a bar. He started with just one six-pack, and replenished the stock as needed with money from the sales. During the weekend the bar was open, he served about 30 people each day. A local newspaper even did a story about the bar reopening. The only problem: it wasn’t his bar. He had broken into the bar, which was no longer operating, and opened it for business with a six-pack of beer he had bought at a nearby store. When the police realized what was going on they arrested him and charged him with burglary and selling liquor without a license. I’ve got to say, he’s one hell of an entrepreneur!

In Sarnia, Ontario, a 26-year-old man held a rather successful garage sale. Too bad it wasn’t his garage or his stuff. The man broke into the garage and held a garage sale that lasted for several hours as neighbors looked on. He apparently was selling the items for dirt cheap (and why wouldn’t he – it’s not like he had paid for any of it). According to police he sold approximately $40,000 worth of merchandise. No word on how he was finally stopped and arrested. The police are now trying to recover all of the items that were sold. They’re reminding the public that any items bought at this garage sale are considered stolen, and therefore, anyone in possession of these items are considered to be in possession of stolen goods. Let this be a lesson to everyone: get to know your neighbors (or at least what they look like).

Last week at an arts fair in Portland, Oregon, 7-year-old Julie Murphy was selling lemonade to fair goers from her lemonade stand. That is, until a crankypants county inspector shut her stand down. He demanded to see her restaurant license (seriously?!?) and threatened her with a fine up to $500 if she didn’t shut her stand down. What a nice guy! He must have had one hell of a horrible childhood to be pulling this shit with this kid. Luckily, at least one person in an authoritative position has some sort of intelligence in Portland. The chairman of Multnomah County, Jeff Cogen, has said that the inspector was “just following the rule book” but that he should have given the girl a pass and let her continue to sell her lemonade. He said, “A lemonade stand is a classic, iconic American kid thing to do. I don’t want to be in the business of shutting that down.” You think? Here’s hoping no more kids get paid a visit by the cold-hearted inspector.


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