Overreact Much?

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Earlier this week, a flight from New York to Los Angeles was diverted to New Mexico because a passenger was smoking onboard. The man was detained when the plane landed in Albuquerque. The passengers were forced off the plane, and dogs were brought onboard apparently to make sure there were no bombs. There was no bomb threat, and no bomb was found on the plane. Once the TSA was done putting on their show, the passengers re-boarded the plane and continued on their way to Los Angeles.

Ok, seriously, they diverted the plane because a passenger was smoking? Are you fucking kidding me?!?! Take the cigarette away from the idiot, take the rest of the pack, take away the matches or lighter, etc. Tie his damn hands behind him if you feel the need to. But to divert the flight and totally fuck things up for the other 168 passengers is pathetic. I can understand diverting the flight if he said he had a bomb. Or if he started dousing the plane with gasoline. Or if he had a gun. But I sure as can’t understand diverting a flight because someone is smoking. Worse case scenario – if the idiot refuses to put the cigarette out then spray the fucker with the fire extinguisher. That’ll do the trick. The TSA is so damn inadequate as it is. This just demonstrates their absolute stupidity. I feel so much safer flying now that the TSA has taken over….NOT!


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