Thief Plays Deaf Card

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Alejandro Rea apparently decided that he just didn’t feel like paying for the merchandise he had picked up. So he did what any good thief would do – he just up and walked out of the store with it. What he wasn’t expecting was to get caught by store security. As he was making his way out the door the store alarm sounded and the security guard called to him. He failed to stop. After he made his way out of the store with the stolen goods he was tackled by a store security guard and then placed in a choke-hold. He was arrested and charged with felony second-degree robbery (the misdemeanor shoplifting charge got bumped up to the felony second-degree robbery charge because of the thief’s violent resistance to the security guard and because he had been convicted twice before for misdemeanor petty theft). So that should be the end to the story. Thief is in jail awaiting his court date.

But no, the deaf just can’t let this go. They’re all over the security guard and the store because this thief was tackled. In fact, in true American fashion, they’re threatening to sue the store for this incident. Seriously? He should get special treatment because he’s deaf? I don’t fucking think so! And according to the CNN article, “an advocacy group for the deaf wants the clothing store chain to train workers to be more sensitive to hearing-impaired customers.” Suck it, assholes! The moron stole merchandise. And you want store workers to be sensitive to that? Get a life! Here’s a novel idea (and it applies to both the deaf and the hearing populations) – don’t fucking steal! Period! End of story! If you want to be an asshole and steal then you can suffer the consequences.

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