Enough Already With the Frivolous Lawsuits!

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

Seriously, enough is enough!  I’ve had it up to here with all of these idiots looking to make a quick buck at someone else’s  expense.  And from what I can gather, I’m not alone. It’s absolutely disgusting how people think they have the right to sue everybody and their brother for whatever inane reason they can come up with. Spill coffee on yourself: sue the restaurant. Trip over your own kid in the store and hurt yourself: sue the store. Break into someone’s garage and end up locked in for a week while they’re on their vacation: sue the homeowners. And yes, these were all actual lawsuits. When is enough enough? When will our completely inept government finally step in and say no to all of these morons who file these ridiculous lawsuits?

The latest frivolous lawsuit to come to my attention is a doozy (although I have to admit it’s not as good as the idiot who sued a fast food chain because a pickle fell out of his burger and landed on his chin, supposedly burning him – I kid you not!). Todd and Suzanne Connell, from New Hampshire, are suing Sea World because they were there at the Florida park with their 10-year-old son when the killer whale killed the trainer, Dawn Brancheau, back in February. They’re seeking unspecified damages. According to their complaint, their son “saw the look of horror and desperation on Dawn’s face as she was swimming for her life. He then saw Tilikum violently yank her down again to the depths of the pool.” Um, as tragic as that is, whose fault is it that their son saw that? What in the hell were they doing as this attack was occurring? As soon as the attack began they should have covered their son’s eyes and gotten him out of there. Under no circumstances should they have allowed him to witness that. He’s 10-years-old for christ’s sake! What in the fuck is wrong with them? Believe me, Sea World is no angel in my book. I don’t agree with holding animals captive and making them perform for the benefit of humans. And to expect a killer whale to perform tricks for an audience is just asinine. But seriously, as a parent, once you see something like this attack happening you get your children the hell out of there. That’s what a responsible parent would do. You don’t let your child witness something as horrific as this and then sue to make a quick buck. Perhaps the parents should be sued for negligence. That’s a hell of a lot more logical than them suing Sea World. I really hope their case gets laughed right out of court. But this is America, home to the frivolous lawsuits, so I really don’t see that happening. God help us all.


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