Speaking of Frivolous Lawsuits…

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

As you can tell from my last post I detest frivolous lawsuits (as do any sane people). It’s bad enough when idiots waste everybody’s time filing them, but at that point it’s the judge’s responsibility to throw the cases out (which all too often does not happen). I have seen plenty of frivolous lawsuits, but I think this one might take the cake.

Craig Smallwood, a 51-year-old moron from Hawaii, is suing NCSoft Corp., the developer of the video game “Lineage II.” He apparently has no life, and therefore he needs to blame it on someone else (and try to make easy money in the process). He’s claiming, among other things, that the game caused “extreme and serious emotional distress and depression.” Yeah, whatever. If you suck at a game so much that it starts to bother you then perhaps it’s time to stop playing, idiot! He also claims that he’s been “unable to function independently in usually daily activities such as getting up, getting dressed, bathing or communicating with family and friends.” Um, does anybody believe this bullshit? Seriously, what the fuck? He’s obviously able to function enough to file a lawsuit. Loser.

Now, the judge, U.S. District Judge Alan Kay, should have looked at this case and laughed it right out of his courtroom. Should have, being the operative words. In his infinite wisdom, he has dismissed four of the counts and let the other four proceed. The four counts that were dismissed were: unfair and deceptive trade practices, intentional infliction of emotional distress, misrepresentation/deceit, and punitive damages. The counts that have been allowed to proceed are: negligence, gross negligence, defamation, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Seriously, those counts are the biggest fucking joke! Obviously this guy has a mental problem. However, that’s his problem and the not the problem of the developer of the game. Why in the hell should they have to pay for his mental instability. When the hell will people take responsibility for themselves? Or I should say, when the hell will people be forced to take responsibility for themselves? Because that’s probably the only way it’s gonna happen.  Unfortunately we live in a “me first” society.  That’s a society I want no part of.


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