More Tax, Less Service

Posted: September 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have a major gripe with our local police department. Yesterday the wife and I were involved in a fender bender; some asshole rear-ended us. He apparently doesn’t know that you’re supposed to pay attention to the car in front of you. I get out of the car, and the first thing the asshole does is tell me to move the car. Now, I wasn’t driving so it wasn’t my job to move the car, but if the careless mofo thought we were moving into the adjacent parking lot he had another thing coming. I’ve been around long enough to know that when there’s an accident you don’t move the cars until the police come. Idiot moved his car; we didn’t. I call 911 to report the accident and the lazy, moronic dispatcher asks two things: 1) is anybody hurt, and 2) is the damage over $1000. I reply that nobody is hurt, and I tell her that I have no idea how much the damage will amount to as I’m not a mechanic. Well, she then tells me that they’re busy and the idiot driver and us will just have to exchange info. I was flabbergasted! Since when do the police not show up for an accident. That’s their job.

Well, the idiot who hit us said the damage to his car was well over $1000 so I got back on the phone and had another lovely conversation with the useless dispatcher. After informing her of the damage amount and demanding a cop be sent out she grudgingly said she’ll send someone out as soon as she can. Thanks, lady. Don’t do me any favors.

Five minutes later officer pork arrives. A minute later a second one shows up. Amazing. First one hands us off to second one who takes license and registration from both drivers. Twenty minutes later he hands us a paper with both parties’ info and tells us we have to fill out two copies of the accident report and mail one to the RMV and one to the police department. That’s it. He doesn’t ask what happened, he doesn’t fill out an accident report, nothing. What the fuck was he doing for those twenty minutes? And since when is it not the job of the police to respond to accidents and write up accident reports? Unbelievable! It appears all the police in this town can do is direct traffic, and they can’t even do that well.

Taxes keep going up, and the services we get keep going down. Makes me so happy to live here. I’m thinking of sending the police department a bill for having to do their job – filling out the accident report (and not just one copy, but two).

Seriously, what’s next? The convenience store gets robbed and they’ll only come if the amount stolen was more than $1000? Or some poor schmuck gets jumped but they’ll only come if there’s more than $1000 worth of injuries? I think they should just learn to do their fucking job!

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