What Will They Ban Next?

Posted: September 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So this crappy state known as Taxachusetts has decided once again that the fine people living here obviously need the government to protect them from themselves.  Seriously folks, it’s getting ridiculous.  The latest item to be banned in this state is….drumroll please……..novelty lighters.  Um, excuse me, some idiotic politician actually sat down and thought this was a good idea? How did that go I wonder? “Geez, this fine state is going to hell in a handbasket. We need something to get us back on our feet again. Hmmmmm……ummmmmm…….hmmmmmm. I know, let’s ban novelty lighters! Yes! What a fantastic idea! Surely that will help the state and the fine people living here. I’m a genius!”

I mean, honestly, anybody with a brain knows that novelty lighters are so much more dangerous than your plain old average lighters, right? Um, no you say? They’re not? Hmm, perhaps someone should tell that to the politicians. Do they really having no issues more pressing than this? I find that really hard to believe. And the bullshit spewing from their mouths about how this ban is really because of the children – because the children want to play with these lighters – is such a crock. It’s not the government’s responsibility to protect us from ourselves – it’s our responsibility. In this instance, it’s the parents that are responsible for their children. I’m sick and tired of the majority of people having things taken away and/or suffering because of the actions of others. Seriously, enough is enough!


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