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Taxachusetts is at it Again

Posted: August 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

It’s quite apparent to most of us living in this awful state that it’s getting harder and harder to live here.  That’s why the population in this crappy state is declining, which, by the way, is going to cost this state some seats in the House when they redo the numbers.  On August 1st the sales tax in this state skyrocketed from 5% to 6.25%.  That in itself was a bad move as it’s driven citizens of MA to surrounding states and also online to do a lot of their shopping.  Then the morons in power announced that there would be no tax holiday this year.  Big mistake as surrounding states are still holding theirs.  In fact, Connecticut has a tax free week, not just two days like we’ve had in the past. And now, as if the idiots haven’t done enough to take business away from MA retailers, they’ve given yet another “fuck you” to those poor retailers.

Since there is no tax holiday this year many retailers were advertising that they would pay the sales tax on certain days. Sounds good, right? The consumers still get to buy things this year without paying tax, and the tax still gets paid. In fact, it’s a much better deal for the state than past tax holidays since the state would actually see the tax revenue. So, like most bureaucrats do when something good comes along, they squashed this. In this god forsaken state it’s apparently illegal for retailers to pay sales tax for consumers. Seriously, that’s way beyond fucked up! Who the hell cares who pays the damn sales tax as long as it’s paid. It’s past time that these idiots in power dig their heads out of their collective asses. Pretty soon there won’t be anyone left in this rotten state for them to screw over. Will the last person leaving Taxachusetts please turn off the light?

A Muslim woman in France is crying religious discrimination because she was not allowed to go swimming while fully clothed. France has strict regulations when it comes to swimming in public pools. Swimmers are not allowed to wear baggy clothing or street clothes, such as bermuda shorts. They must wear tight, figure-fitting suits. Women must wear swimsuits and men must wear swimming briefs. Everyone must wear a cap to cover their hair, and everyone also has to shower before entering the pool.

After reading about the regulations there is no doubt whatsoever that this idiot’s claim is completely baseless. While she claims to have been wearing a swimsuit, the head to toe clothes she was wearing clearly does not meet France’s specification for a swimsuit. It’s no different than a man showing up at the pool with baggy swimming trunks and being turned away. The woman went so far as to try to file a complaint with the local police, but she was turned away because her complaint of discrimination was groundless. You think?

Here’s a novel idea. Get your own damn pool where you can swim fully clothed till your heart’s content. Until then, if you can’t follow the rules then stay home. And stop your pathetic whining. Nobody likes a whiner.

Don’t Yawn in Court

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Clifton Williams, of Richton Park, Illinois, is facing six months in jail for yawning in court while observing his cousin’s sentencing. Judge Daniel Rozak didn’t like the yawn-like sound that came from Williams so he found him to be in contempt of court and sentenced him to six months in jail. Williams has a status hearing coming up, and it’s possible that he could be released from jail if he apologizes and the judge accepts it. By the time of his hearing he’ll have been in jail for 21 days.

This punishment seems to be a tad harsh. The guy yawned in court. I dont’ give a rat’s ass if he yawned loudly – that’s absolutely no reason to sentence him to any jail time whatsoever. He should have been given a warning if the judge didn’t appreciate the yawn, and then if he did it again he could have been held in contempt. This judge, like many others, seems to have an ego much larger than life. God forbid you yawn in his courtroom. I wonder how much jail time you’d have to serve for sneezing?

Here’s something you don’t hear every day. George Vera, a rather obese 500-pound man in Texas, was arrested for selling illegal copies of CDs. Police searched him when they arrested him, and he was searched again at a city jail and a county jail. They all missed something though. During a shower break Vera informed officials that he had an unloaded 9mm pistol hidden in his rolls of fat. Yep, you read that right. He had a gun hidden in his rolls of fat.

As much as I think that the gun should have been found during the searches, I can kind of understand why it wasn’t. I mean, come on, would you really want to lift up each and every roll of fat on someone while searching them? I wouldn’t. Of course, it’s not my job to do so, so I don’t have to worry about that. I feel bad for anybody in that position that has to do so. That’s a really nasty job.

Dennis Cretton does not have a valid driver’s license.  It was revoked because of a DUI conviction. But that didn’t stop him from driving to a gas station for more beer – while drunk. He apparently figured that it would ok to drive his riding lawnmower to get more beer. He was arrested and charged with felony aggravated driving under the influence.

Seriously, I can’t help but laugh at this. There’s nothing funny about drunk driving. That’s not what’s funny. What makes me laugh is picturing some dumbass driving his riding lawnmower down the street. I mean, come on, that’s something you see on TV, not in real life. I wonder what went through the minds of the people that saw him. And can you imagine the look on the clerk’s face as he sees some idiot pull up on his riding lawnmower and come into the store for beer? Seriously, if I was driving and saw that I’d have to pull over until I was able to contain the laughter and compose myself. And how drunk do you have to be to think it’s ok to drive your riding lawnmower to the store for beer?


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Boston’s Finest: Justin Barrett, the racist Boston cop who likes using the term jungle monkey, is now suing the city for suspending him. Gee, couldn’t see that coming from a mile away. His lawsuit, however, is obvious bullshit. His lawyer claims that Barrett has effectively been fired by the city; however, the reality is the racist idiot is suspended with pay. That’s right. He’s still collecting a paycheck. I’m sorry, how is that he’s been fired if he’s still collecting a paycheck? Get your head out of your ass.

The lawyer goes on to say that Barrett never did call Henry Gates a jungle monkey. He said, “The choice of words were poor; but they weren’t meant to characterize professor Gates as a banana-eating jungle monkey.” Really? You can’t be serious! Barrett had said that if he had “been the officer he verbally assaulted like a banana-eating jungle monkey, I would have sprayed him in the face with OC [oleoresin capsicum, or pepper spray] deserving of his belligerent noncompliance.” Ok, how is that not calling Gates a jungle monkey? Seriously, we’re not stupid. We can clearly comprehend what the idiot said. And he clearly called Gates a jungle monkey.

This ridiculous claim that he’s not racist is laughable. You can tell me till you’re blue in the face that you’re not racist, but the actions (or words) speak for themselves. If someone is truly not racist then those hateful words will never come out of their mouths, no matter how pissed off they are. Those words are totally foreign to their vocabulary. Those are words that only a racist idiot will ever use.

Trina Thompson: More details have come out since I first wrote about this dumbass. In case you’re unaware of who she is, she’s the moron who’s suing her alma mater because after graduating they didn’t find her a job. It was originally reported that she was suing the college, Monroe College, for $70,000 which was the cost of tuition. Now it’s come out that she’s actually suing for $72,000 – the cost of tuition plus $2,000 to compensate for the stress she’s had to endure while searching for a job for three months. Excuse me while I get out my violin.

She claims that the college did not uphold their end of the bargain. According to her they were supposed to get her a job. She says she fulfilled her obligation by sending out resumes and making phone calls, but the college just didn’t try hard enough to find her a job. She says, “They’re supposed to say, ‘I got this student, her attendance is good, her GPA is all right — can you interview this person?’ They’re not doing that.” Her GPA, by the way, is 2.7. Hmm, I wonder why employers aren’t knocking on her door. In these horrible economic times employers get to pick the cream of the crop. There are far more people looking for jobs than there are jobs available. I’m sure this will come as a shock to her, but employers will usually choose someone with a 4.0 GPA over someone with a 2.7 GPA. That’s life. Deal with it.

Showing just how stupid she is, she thinks that other college graduates who can’t find jobs should sue their alma maters, too. What a great idea, fucktard! She says, “It doesn’t make any sense: They went to school for four years, and then they come out working at McDonald’s and Payless. That’s not what they planned.” Once again, it’s called life. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it too. You deal with it, and you move on. Sometimes the level of stupidity of people just amazes me.

Hell Hath No Fury…

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Every once in a while you read something that just puts a great big smile on your face. This did it for me. A scumbag was cheating on his wife with a handful of women. Apparently the wife informed the other women that the idiot was married and also had other girlfriends. Then they planned their revenge. Ah, sweet revenge.

The cheating bastard went to meet one of his girlfriends at a hotel. She tied him up and blindfolded him, telling him she was going to give him a “rub down.” Then she sent a text message to three other women who entered the room to enact their revenge. His underwear was cut off, and his penis was glued to his stomach. Yes, you read that right. One of the woman used Krazy Glue to glue his penis to his stomach. Sweet justice!

As you can imagine all four women were arrested. They were all charged with false imprisonment, and one of the women was also charged with fourth-degree sexual assault. They’re all free right now on $200 cash bonds. The cheating son of a bitch should just be thankful the women didn’t pull a Lorena Bobbit on him.

What the…?

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Trina Thompson, 27, graduated from Monroe College in the Bronx in April of this year with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. She hasn’t been able to find a job since graduating so she’s doing what any normal human being would do – she’s suing the college. Yes, you heard that right. She’s suing for $70,000, the amount she paid for tuition. Umm, hello…earth to Trina. Knock, knock. Anybody home? Seriously, that’s just pathetic! Can you imagine if every college graduate who couldn’t find a job sued the college they graduated from? It would be a living nightmare! I think somebody needs a strong dose of reality.

Jim Nicholson, 30, worked at a Key Bank branch in Seattle. He was employed there for more than two years – until he thwarted a robbery attempt. Yes, he was fired for stopping a robbery attempt, chasing the idiot who tried robbing the bank, and holding him until police came. Talk about gratitude! The bank does have a policy that says employees must give in to the robber’s demands and avoid confrontation, which in all actuality is a pretty good policy to have. However, it’s still ridiculous that Nicholson was fired. He did a good thing. If the bank feels they must punish him a verbal warning would have sufficed. Ingrates!

Fifteen years ago Virgil Frank McCranie, then 19, had sex with his 14-year old girlfriend, who would go on to become his wife. He, of course, was arrested and since then has had to register as a sex offender. As you can imagine, registering as a sex offender has wreaked havoc on his and his family’s life. He has been unable to keep a job, and his four children have had a very rough going of it as well thanks to his picture and info being posted on the state’s sex offender website. But now, 15 years later, Florida Governor Charlie Crist and the Florida cabinet have pardoned him. From now on he won’t have to register as sex offender anymore. It’s nice to see sanity and logic prevail, even though it took 15 years to happen. Hopefully this man and his family will be able to move past this.

Two years ago a woman in Germany had work done on her car, and she had requested that the mechanic drive the car back to her house and park it in her garage. Her car keys and the paperwork for the car were in her mailbox when she went to look for them, but the car was not in her garage. She reported the car stolen. Last week her neighbor went to clean out his garage, which he never used, so he could rent it out. Imagine his surprise when he saw a car sitting there with “a centimeter-deep coating of dust” on it. The mechanic had put the car in the wrong garage. Oops!

Almost 150 workers at a call center in Texas were recently sickened. Thirty-four people were taken to the hospital, and another 110 people were treated at the scene. Fire officials thought at first that carbon monoxide was the cause of the dizziness and shortness of breath, but it turns out that the culprit was somebody’s perfume. What the hell was in that perfume?